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As many of you know, Instagram is a popular social media platform buzzing with people of diverse demographics. Which makes it a great platform for businesses of all kinds to advertise. More than that, it humanises the brand and enables it to directly communicate with the end users.

If you are a business and you need an Instagram marketing strategy to grow your business, you have come to the right place. Being one of the top digital marketing companies, we have compiled easy steps for you to create an Instagram marketing strategy on your own.

Step 1: Pick your goals
Your social media account must reflect your business. Hence, take a look at your overall marketing strategy before you go into designing your social media strategy. The following are some of the common social media marketing goals that businesses set:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost website traffic
  • Get new leads
  • Add a new revenue stream
  • Enhance engagement
  • Build a community

Step 2: Learn about your audience
Before you create content, you need to understand your audience. To get to them, identify their pain points, and gather actionable insights that will help you further down the line. Get hold of a social media analytics tool to research more. Instagram also offers a feature called ‘Insights’ that gives you some fundamental demographic data.

Step 3: Perform a competitor analysis
Getting to know your competitors can help you find your unique voice. You can simply use an online Instagram profile analysing tool to get an in-depth view of your competitor’s page. It uncovers keywords and hashtags that they predominantly use. Which you can use in your posts to attract a similar audience. While you are at it, also try to look for competitors who you find inspiring.

Step 4: Create a content calendar
Consistent posting is the key to making it big on social media. When you use a social media scheduling tool, this job can become easier. First, identify the ideas that can help you bring your voice to the audience. Then, create content around the idea with relevant keywords. Tools like Hootsuite and Meta Business Suite can help you with information like optimal post times and trending social media holidays too.

Step 5: Track and make changes
As one of the top digital marketing companies, we recommend you start by posting at least 3 times per week on Instagram. After a month or so, start tracking how different kinds of content performs and adjust your social media strategy accordingly.

How to finalise your Instagram marketing strategy?

You can’t! That’s the beauty of social media. You have to keep reevaluating, testing and optimising the strategy. That is how big brands manage to garner huge popularity for their posts. They always find something new to talk about and bring something valuable to the user.

If you want to create an Instagram marketing strategy that brings revenue, get in touch with us! We cater to all your social media marketing needs with professional expertise.

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