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Did you know? It takes only 0.5 seconds to form an opinion about your website. The mere half a second is what you get in this resource-rich world for a website you have created with hours and hours of hard work.

Creating a website is not only about design. It takes the combined efforts of a content writer, designer and developer to come up with a working website. At the end of the day, however, content plays a major role in retaining your website viewers.

Since we provide website content writing services, we have put together some steps through which you can create website content that speaks to your audience.

Step 1: Find what’s unique about your brand
Figure out what makes you different from your competitors. When you write content for a website, you need to address why your brand exists and how it helps its customers. Your unique value proposition must stand out in every section of your website. But, it also should go well with the whole narrative.

Step 2: Perform a content audit
If you already have some content, you can reuse them. Look for holes in the existing content, find what’s missing, and fill them with connecting content. Also, if you have a specific kind of material that your audience previously liked, be sure to use it on your website where customers can easily see them.

Step 3: Write ‘for’ your audience
When you write content for a website, always think about what the viewers expect. Instead of assuming things, research what works for your audience. You can do this by creating buyer personas and positioning yourself as the leader who guides those personas. Also, note that a business will most definitely have a wide range of buyer personas. Hence, it is important that you adopt a language that suits all of them.

Step 4: Follow the client’s journey
The best website content writing services will always focus on establishing a clear flow. The content created must direct the viewer towards moving further down the sales funnel. So, always create a flow that will match that journey. It will help create a sense that the brand is with the customer at all times.

Step 5: Create attractive CTAs
Your content writing for a website is incomplete without creating attractive CTAs (Call to Action). Every page must have a unique and relevant CTA that enables viewers to take some sort of action. It can be something as simple as signing up for a newsletter or something as big as direct conversion. And, always find the sweet spots on your website to place your CTAs.

To conclude
After you create content for your website, look at how you can incorporate a similar language and tone on social media. Social media can help your business and you can find more about that here. Do not ignore the importance of content. That is where you can show off your creativity, and unique position and attract your audience easily!

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