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The Internet is a massive world. Getting recognized in that is not an easy feat, for even the most experienced professionals. Marketers from any SEO company in India spend months creating the perfect strategy that works. All of this is to get higher ranks in the SERP.

One of the most effective strategies to rank higher is to build links and drive traffic to your website. What baffles marketers is that there are many ways to go about it. It becomes tough to decide which method will bring the most results.

However, talking about trending topics is one of the assured ways in which you can see desirable results. According to Twitter, almost 77% of people felt positive about the brands that talk about current affairs and help society. In this blog, we will brief you on how you can use the trending topics for your growth.

1. Stay in the know
To keep your audience updated, you need to update your marketing team first. Some of the best SEO services in India have a dedicated team researching the latest trends. To do this, you can use tools like Google Trends, or resort to good old social media.

You can join Facebook groups to find the buzzing topics in your industry. And you can use platforms like Reddit and Quora to see what people are talking about. As a marketer, you cannot forget about Twitter. This is the platform where you can find trending hashtags and understand what the trend is about easily.

Show your presence in the discussions by relating your niche to the topic. Or simply show your support and share your views on the matter. No matter what you plan to post, run it through at least three people to see if it is offensive.

2. See what others are missing out on
It is highly possible that your competitors only focus on one aspect of the trend. Try to cover the areas they missed out on. You can gain more shares on social media (link building) when you offer a unique perspective rather than following the herd.

3. Create engaging content around the topic
To increase traffic and build links through sharing, your content should be clickable and shareable. It should add value to the end-user and not just to your keywords. For example, if you talk about Met Gala, try to build a story around it instead of finding faults in the dresses.

Any SEO company in India will tell you that creating quick content along with the right keywords is the key to being successful. Most such companies have an expert working on ways to connect themselves to trending topics. Hence, if you do not have prior experience, leave the link building and technical stuff to an SEO expert in India.

Learn how to handle negative feedback and results. As such, have a broader perspective when sharing your opinion about a trending topic. Because, positive impression of your brand is what matters and not just any impression.

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